Rebuilding Ocracoke

Together we are Ocracoke Strong

Project Overview

In October 2020 OIRRT began a joint reconstruction program funded through a $850,000 grant held by Hyde County. This funding is managed and administered by OIRRT. Currently, our volunteer teams hail from Christian Aid Ministries. We have committed to five "scratch-built homes," which are completely new structures to replace homes demolished post-Dorian. OIRRT has also committed to eleven major reconstructions of already existing structures. 

In January 2021 Operation Blessing granted $104,893 directly to OIRRT to further our reconstruction effort on Ocracoke Island. This funding will be used to serve a minimum of six families. 

In February 2021, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance committed $85,107 for unmet reconstruction needs. We expect this funding to be committed by March 9th. 

OIRRT has taken over multiple unfinished and unbegun reconstruction projects  from UMCOR, which dissolved its Ocracoke center in 2020.

OIRRT is actively searching for additional funding to address unmet reconstruction needs on Ocracoke Island. We are also accepting donations to support the survivors of Hurricane Dorian. 

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Progress of Third Scratch-Built Home

This project is set to be finished before the end of April 2021.

Pilings pumped 01/28/2021

Foundation 02/04/2021

Trusses installed 02/08/2021

Roughed in 02/11/2021

Roughed in 02/11/2021

Roof completed 02/15/2021

Siding started, decks completed 02/18/2021

Siding Continues, interior work beginning 02/22/2021

Exterior, painting started

Interior, drywall up

Video Progress of Scratch-Built Home #3

Progress of Fourth Scratch-Built Home

This project is set to be finished before the end of May 2021.

Pilings pumped 02/04/2021

Materials Delivered 02/11/2021

Walls erected 02/15/2021

Walls completed, roof started 02/18/2021

Roof near completion, deck started 02/22/2021

Exterior, decks finished. Siding started.

Interior, 03/04/2021

First Scratch-Built Home Completed

This project concluded January 22 2021

please enjoy a timeline of progress

The empty lot, photographed 10/22/2020

Foundation and walls begun 10/24/2021

Home roughed in by 11/11/2021

Siding and painting completed 01/08/2021

Handicap ramp as of 01/08/2021

Interior work as of 01/08/2021

Completed interior as of 01/21/2021

Completed interior as of 01/21/2021

Completed interior as of 01/21/2021

Exterior of Completed Home


four person hands wrap around shoulders while looking at sunset

Second Scratch-Built Home Completed

This project was completed February 22nd 2021

Foundation begun 11/11/2020

House roughed in 11/16/2020

Walls completed 11/20/2020

Siding on 01/08/2021

Interior, living room 01/14/2021

Interior, bedroom 01/14/2021

Interior, kitchen 01/28/2021

Interior, living room 01/28/2021

Interior, living room 02/04/2021

Interior, bedroom 02/04/2021

Interior, bedroom 02/11/2021

Interior, kitchen 02/11/2021

Interior, bathroom 02/11/2021

Interior, kitchen 02/18/2021

Exterior of Completed Home